Matthew Hewitt

Matthew Hewitt

Group Director, Tax and Treasury

Matthew joined Global Switch as Group Director, Tax and Treasury in 2019, bringing over 20 years' experience in global tax and treasury for multinational corporations.


Matthew was Vice President, Tax and Treasury at Colt Technology Services where he led a significant group restructuring, including legal, employee and tax issues. He also implemented a revolving credit facility and moved the company to a single new banking provider across 18 territories, as well as handling all the group’s insurance arrangements. Matthew, who was a Director of the majority of the group’s holding companies and operating companies in the UK and overseas, also was responsible for the tax structuring and hedging arrangement for a major acquisition in Asia. Outside of the technology/telecommunications sector, he has managed the tax affairs of numerous multinational groups and spent the early part of his career at EY advising corporations on tax, working mainly in London and also for a time in New York.

Responsibilities at Global Switch

At Global Switch, Matthew is responsible for all aspects of the Global Switch’s tax, treasury and insurance affairs. This includes managing banking relationships, cash and liquidity, ensuring an appropriate tax strategy is in place and filings are maintained. Matthew is also responsible for relationships with the Rating Agencies and bondholders.