Ashley Muldoon

Ashley Muldoon

Chief Executive Officer

Ashley joined Global Switch in 2020 as Chief Operating Officer. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer and joined the Board in January 2024.


In his time as Chief Operating Officer at Global Switch, he was responsible for driving the operational performance of its data centres as well as focusing on product development. He led the delivery of new developments and various power densification projects within the existing portfolio whilst identifying significant areas for growth for future expansion. In addition, he oversaw all new investment opportunities and market research. He also directed Global Switch’s digital transformation strategy across all areas of the business.

Ashley has over 30 years of data centre and real estate experience, including managing international businesses. Prior to joining Global Switch, Ashley was CEO of a global construction business, for 12 years over his 22-year career with that company, where as CEO he was responsible for overseeing in the United Kingdom, Middle East and Canadian operations. Ashley started his career in Australia prior to moving to London in 2003.

Responsibilities at Global Switch

As Chief Executive Officer, Ash identifies the short and long term objectives of Global Switch and works alongside the Board to create the strategy for the Company. He leads the Executive team and oversees the implementation of the Company’s business plans, and works closely with senior management to ensure that these are delivered year on year. Ash is responsible for communicating with Global Switch’s shareholders and employees, and in the development of key stakeholder relationships. He drives the culture of the business and oversees the maintenance and development of Global Switch’s brand and reputation. Ash ensures that the Directors maintain constant awareness of both the external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, customer relationships, markets, new developments in the data centre operating environment, and in changes in legislation.